DNA Activation Sessions

DNA Activation healing

I want to help you to activate as much of your inactive potential locked away in inactive DNA. I want to help you feel more balanced and help to purify your body, emotions and thoughts. The double helix DNA is the chemical basis of the full 12 strand DNA blueprint that is part of the current human incarnation.

Does this resonate with you? Please read on...

Dependent on the outcome of your intake we will be working on your Aura, Karma en J-seals before we work on the activation of your DNA.

The benefits of DNA activation are:

  • Emergence of undiscovered talents
  • Increase of energy and clarity in your life
  • Strengthening of immume system
  • Release of emotions and patterns that were blecked in your physical body
  • Use more of your brain (science says we only use less than 5% of our brain. Why?!)
  • Increased contact with your Higher Self
  • Clearing individual and family karma
  • Increase resonance in your cells
  • Be able to accrete more light and information in your Light body


  • Increased need for waterDNA Activation healing
  • Purification and detoc of your body
  • Less need for food
  • Lucid dreams
  • Increased energy
  • Easier healing of the body
  • Faster manifestations


  • "Knowing"
  • Inner peace
  • "Old" truths cease to work
  • Increased awareness and self respect
  • Replace "Seeking" for "Solving"
  • Greater descernment
  • Increaced sensitivity, perception, telepathy

Relaties :

  • Attract soul mates
  • Attract sould family
  • Release past relationships and people

inner awareness :DNA Activation healing

  • Increased capacity to look at yourself in honesty
  • Find answers that are true and tested for you
  • Transform insecurity into knowing
  • Be in the NOW
  • Be yourself and speak your truth

What have others experienced?

Find more experiences here (included the tekst Veronika shared on facebook after her third session, where the 12 strands were fully activated)

What will we do?

To lay a solid foundation for the DNA activation it is necessary that the Aura and Karma is clear. It also is important that the J-seals have been removed. If this is not the case the DNA will be unbalanced and ungrounded. It will be like going to the gym while your diet consists only of McDonalds. The chance that you will make progess is very slim !

DNA Activation healingBefore starting with the DNA activations we will do the Aura, Karma and J-seal clearings. In the case these are all "done" it will be possible to start immediately with the activation of the DNA strands. I will keep activating until your Higher Self signals that enough work has been done for a single session. On average this is after 4 clearings or activations.

The DNA activations will be done remotely. It is not necessary to be in the same physical location. You will be able to be in a room of place where you feel 100% at ease and safe. The activations are done in the quantum field in contact with your Higher Self. Everything takes place with approval of yourself and your Higher Self. It is very important that you are in a peacefull state during the activation, preferably in meditation. It is important that you have the room to turn inside and are open to the shifting energies.

Before the session starts there will be the opportunity to connect by Skype. You will be able to share final thoughts and emotions about this proces, before we start with the activations. We will also be in contact after the session so I can share the results of the work that has been done.I wil also have information for you about your DNA template and the number of DNA strands you can activate in total.

It is important to be aware of your observations, emotions and thoughts in the week after the session. As is with a physical detoxification you will be releasing everything that is not pure. Dependent of your lifesyle it may be so that the first 4 strands will not be in balance immediately. I will check this a week after the activation to make sure. If necessary I will perform a second activation to make sure the first 4 strands are activated and balanced, as this is very important to live a life from the heart. You will have a guarantee that this is the case.

I have invested a lot of time, energy and financial resources to be able to do the DNA activations for others. Toby Alexander has tought me how to activate all of the 12 strands for myself, and how to perform the activations for others.

Now I wish to give you the opportunity to benefit from the DNA activations, so we can walk the path to Ascension together. I have put this offer togther so it is as compact and effective as possible, without you having to make the same investment as I have done, and still do to keep improving my service to you

The Aura, Karma, J-seal Clearing or DNA Activation consists of:DNA Activatie healing

  • Intake
  • Aura Clearing, Karma Clearing, J-seal Clearing or
  • DNA healing & activation of 4 DNA strands
  • Maximum increase of your life vibration (Bovis)
  • Feedback about the needed integration time
  • Checkup of the activated strands a week after the session

The contribution for this is €166. because I want to give dedicated souls the opportunity to experience an accelerated growth it is possible to directly book two sessions. The second session will not be €166 but €66. So this will be €232 for a double session.

On average it is possible to activate all of the 12 strands in 2 to 3 sessions.

I want to work with people that are 100% committed to integrate these activations and are ready to empody their full potential.

That is book a session, or for questions please email and I will lovingly welcome you on the other side. Please tell me your needs and I will support you as much as I can...

Follow this link to find out about the experiences of others after the DNA Activations

If you still have questions about this proces, check the FAQ

P.S. Behind the link below you can read the proces to connect to your Higher Self. Are you still doubting if this is the next step for you? Contact your Higher Self and ask for yourself. Doubt is a waste of energy !

Click here to connect to your Higher Self and ask...



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